A Bartending Career in Maryland - Get ready for an exciting new career!

Bar Lady It's like having a career in a suitcase! Work anywhere in the world, from a nightclub in Las Vegas to ski resort in Aspen, or even on a cruise ship sailing the Caribbean!

A bartending career in Maryland offers so many choices so many built-in-benefits that offers so many choices so many built-in-benefits that many people nationwide are giving up traditional careers, or augmenting their income part-time to enter this exciting and fun-filled line of work. Work evenings and weekends Bartending jobs offer flexible full- or part-time hours to fit your schedule.

With the economy on the upswing, new casinos, restaurants and lounges are opening left and right. Hotels are seeing increased popularity as Americans travel more. These establishments need BARTENDERS. Bartending salaries vary by region, but a bartender in today's economy can earn $100 to $300 (even more) per shift. A typical bar customer tips $1 to $2 per drink; that adds up fast on a busy night. Who wouldn't like to go home with a pocket full of cash after working?

Make friends, contacts or find romance Bartenders are at the center of attention. Everyone needs to go to the bar to get a drink; what better way can you think of to meet people? And when you're meeting people, you're networking, making a bartending job a great way to promote a current occupation or project you may be working on.

Bar Boy Another bonus to being a bartender is that many larger bars and restaurants offer full benefits for employees, and bartenders working for major hotels or airlines often receive additional perks like greatly reduced lodging and air fare.

A bartending career allows people the freedom to choose a work environment that matches their personality. Bartenders work in a fast-paced environment that is mentally stimulating it's rarely slow or boring. Time flies by when you're having fun – and bartending is just that a FUN job.

How about job security? You will always have a good job somewhere if you are a good bartender. Whether the economy is good or bad, people always make time for social drinking to mark happy occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or simply reunite with friends. Imagine if you lost your job; it's comforting to know that you can always fall back on bartending to help you pay the bills

Some bartenders might prefer the hotel or country club environment, while others enjoy the charm of neighborhood bars, or the excitement of nightclubs. Whatever your preference, bartending can offer a fun and profitable lifestyle.