What You'll Learn

Maryland Bartending Students Learning Behind a Real BarOur main goal at Maryland Bartending Academy? It has always been to provide the highest quality instruction in the best learning environment available.

The first part of each class is a lecture and demonstration by one of our own instructors/bartenders – drawing from his/her own real-world experience. Teaching in a "controlled environment" allow them to thoroughly explain in detail just what it takes to become a successful bartender.

Once the lecture is over, the real fun begins. Students step behind the bar and begin preparing those drinks just demonstrated by the instructor. Practice makes perfect, and repetition is the key. The MBA manual/bar guide lists all the ingredients and the prep method, so the students keep practicing until they've got it down pat.

It's our unique teaching methods – in a fun-filled environment with plenty of hands-on training – that makes it possible for our students to memorize so much information in such a short period of time. Our many years of training successful graduates are a testament to the quality of MBA's program. It works !

Maryland Bartending Students Learning Behind a Real Bar

You'll also learn.

  • Alcohol Awareness ("Knowing When to Say When")
  • Opening and Closing procedures
  • Customer Service
  • Understanding Wines
  • How to Prepare Garnishes
  • Changing the keg and CO2 tank
  • Cash register training
  • Job interview skills
  • State and Federal laws concerning IDs

You'll also receive.

  • Manual / Bar Guide , a 120 page "drink bible" updated with the latest drinks and industry trends
  • Diploma , which certifies graduates as a Professional Bartender
  • Wallet-size certification card, excellent for showing prospective employers on interviews
  • Immediate job placement assistance (local or nationwide), to help you land that first gig
  • Free refresher classes (local or nationwide), to help keep those skills sharp
  • Bartending Career Counseling
  • Additional behind-the-bar practice time
  • Access to our Bartenders Library
  • Continued support after you graduate